Directions: Add 4 Cups of Books and 3 Cups of Veggies to pot. Simmer, stirring occasionally. Season to taste.

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins


I’m really satisfied with this conclusion and I’m really glad I picked up this series. All three books certainly kept me on the edge of my seat even if there were some things I didn’t like about each. Most of what I didn’t like had to do with Katniss. I find her fickle which can be hard to stomach when you come to care about the characters that she’s hurting. Not the finest quality in a heroine but she does make up for it with her courageous attitude and just general badassness. I’m happy I got the ending I wanted with Peeta but “You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know.” springs to mind. I gotta say I didn’t like that there wasn’t a lot of Peeta and his humor in this book but I am glad that we got to know Gale a little bit. I kept expecting him to betray her and in a way I guess he did in the end. I hope the peace lasted but that may be a wild hope. Hopefully it lasted through their children’s lifetimes and theirs at least. I hate the idea of Finnick and Annie’s boy or either of Katniss and Peeta’s children being put into the games. I guess what the ending came down to is the question of whether or not peace can really last? Coin was no better than Snow. Can we remember the lives lost and have no more struggles for power? I doubt it. There will always be those who see the “big picture” and see people as numbers or faceless sacrifices. The problem is that no one is faceless. Gale found that out when it was a possibility that he was inadvertently responsible for Prim’s death. He was willing to make weapons that would take out numbers of people for the cause. I think there will also always be those who, whether by nature or nurture, have gone corrupt somehow and are too thirsty for power and control to let peace rule. Also how do we as humans find the balance between turning the other cheek completely and letting ourselves be ruled by a desire for vengeance? I loved this series for bringing up these questions and presenting them in such an enjoyable way with great characters. I’m definitely sad that it’s over but pleased with its end.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Rating: 5/5


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